About Us


Founded in 2003, Morse Measurements LLC is an independent, privately held company, with no vehicle manufacturer or race team affiliations. We are very proud of our independent status, as we feel it ensures our customers’ security and confidentiality. Our specialty is suspension kinematics and compliance (K&C) testing and suspension consulting. Our K&C work lead us to the purchase of an Anthony Best Dynamics suspension parameter measuring machine (SPMM) in 2004. This K&C machine is the centerpiece of our Salisbury, North Carolina automotive test center which opened on October 10, 2005.

Suspension K&C testing has become a vital part of vehicle development and racing programs, assisting engineers in the design, tuning, and simulation of vehicle suspensions for improved handling and ride performance. Historically, comprehensive suspension K&C testing has been the domain of a few large automobile and tire manufacturers, but Morse Measurements LLC is changing all that by offering a truly public suspension K&C test facility – the first of its kind in North America.

Race vehicle testing is our specialty, but we can test almost any 4-wheeled vehicle with a suspension. We encourage in-depth investigations and our staff is always available to design special tests and provide engineering support.

In addition to suspension K&C testing, Morse Measurements offers coordinate measurements (CMM) of suspension hard points, damper characterization, K&C training seminars, simulation support and engineering consulting in vehicle dynamics and vehicle suspension related areas.