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Cayman Dynamics, LLC provides vehicle dynamics expertise to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, aftermarket suppliers and other companies in the transportation industry. This expertise includes complete vehicle and component development, on-road and laboratory objective testing and comprehensive vehicle dynamics training programs tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Our personnel have extensive experience working with multiple international OEMs and industry-leading suppliers. We conduct all aspects of our business with the highest degree of professionalism ensuring the confidentiality of your project.



Mark Ortiz Automotive is a chassis consulting service based in Kannapolis, NC. Mark has worked with a number of professional drivers in both road racing and oval track series (pavement and dirt). He is a regular contributor to Racecar Engineering magazine, and he serves as an advisor to the motorsports engineering program at UNC-Charlotte. Mark also puts out an excellent monthly vehicle dynamics newsletter.
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link to CarSim web-site

CarSim simulates the dynamic behavior of racecars, passenger cars, light trucks, and utility vehicles. CarSim animates simulated tests and generates about 600 output variables to plot and analyze, or export to other software such as MATLAB, Excel, or optimization tools. Engineers use CarSim to design, develop, test and plan vehicle programs. They make better decisions involving vehicle dynamics quicker with CarSim. Use CarSim to prove initial concepts, select components, and perform advanced analysis of existing vehicles. CarSim is fast, accurate, and easy to use.


link to Pratt & Miller web-sitePratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication is a full service company specializing in design, development, and manufacturing for the motorsports, automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. With over 70 engineers and a total staff of over 140 employees, Pratt & Miller Engineering’s 100,000 square foot facility is the company’s headquarters for engineering, manufacturing, and development. The facility, located in New Hudson, Michigan, employs over 65 highly skilled technicians that handle the manufacturing facilities, electronics laboratory, and vehicle build and maintenance. With an impressive range of design, engineering, manufacturing, prototyping, and program management capabilities, Pratt & Miller’s Engineering solutions are among the most sophisticated in the world.


link to LMS web-siteLMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. LMS offers a unique combination of 1D system simulation software, 3D virtual simulation software, mobile and lab testing systems, and engineering services in the areas of structural and modal analysis, motion, ride and handling, noise and vibration, acoustics and durability. LMS is certified to ISO quality standards and has offices in key locations around the world.


link to Mitchell Software web-siteBill Mitchell is synonymous with motorsports engineering. Over the last twenty years his RACING BY THE NUMBERS™ software programs have become must-have tools for auto manufacturing and motorsports organizations across the globe (think F1, IRL, Formula Atlantic, NASCAR, SCCA, etc.). The beauty of Bill’s software is said best by Bill himself: “The mission of Wm. C. Mitchell Software is to provide programs the world can afford and the largest teams will choose.” January, 2014 Update: We regret to inform you that Bill Mitchell has passed away. He will be greatly missed.


link to Inside Racing Technology web-sitePaul Haney is the author of The Racing & High-Performance Tire, an invaluable reference for those who wish to unravel the mysteries of tire behavior. If you have a tire question, chances are Paul has not only asked the same question, but can provide an answer. Paul is unique in the world of motorsports because he shares his knowledge, as evidenced on his website and in his Seminars on Tires & Handling.


link to SAE web-siteSociety of Automotive Engineers. A wealth of information related to the automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle, and motorsports industries. Includes industry news, event information, technical publications, standards, career & employment opportunities, etc.


link to UNC Charlotte Motorsports web-siteThe University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Motorports Engineering program. UNC Charlotte’s motorsports and automotive engineering program promotes the education of students in the broad areas of motorsports and automotive engineering through theoretical and applied instruction at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and through interaction with and support of industry.


link to Anthony Best DynamicsAnthony Best Dynamics, Ltd. (ABD) is a noise, vibration & suspension engineering company located in Bradford on Avon, England. ABD designs and produces state-of-the-art vehicle dynamics test equipment and software tools including, but not limited to suspension K&C machines, in-vehicle control robots, and intelligent NVH measurement and analysis systems. ABD also provides noise/vibration and design consultancy and offers in-house testing services.


link to Milliken Research web-siteMilliken Research Associates, Inc. (MRA) is an invaluable resource for all things related to vehicle dynamics. In addition to their well-known publication, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics, MRA offers consulting services, training seminars, and a number of vehicle simulation tools.


link to OptimumG web-siteClaude Rouelle and the team of engineers at OptimumG bring improved performance to race teams. They not only sell setup solutions, but the knowledge and explanations to go with them. They are well-known internationally, both for their racecar engineering consulting services and their educational seminars and workshops.


link to Raetech web-siteRaetech Corporation provides innovative engineering solutions for the transportation and motorsports industries. Morse Measurements LLC is proud to be a regional sales representative for Raetech’s latest suite of NASCAR-specific load cells. These load cells, however, are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Raetech’s capabilities. They are a full-service engineering house with conceptualization, design, analysis, prototyping, and testing/validation experience.