K&C Testing Helps Racers Go Faster

If you’re a racer, the bottom line is to go faster, and Morse Measurements can provide powerful tools to tune your race car more quickly and in a more informed manner than your competitors. For less than the cost of a single track test day, Morse Measurements helps you understand exactly how to your suspension and steering respond to all the forces and motion seen on the race track (cornering, braking, tractive, roll, bump, etc.) for any range of tuning on the car (roll centers, anti-squat, anti-dive, Ackermann, springs, anti-roll bars, etc.).

Feed the actual forces and motions experienced on-track (including steering inputs / loads) into the car on Morse Measurement’s $3 million K&C test machine. It is the only commercially available test machine in North America that can apply cornering, braking, and tractive forces at the tire contact while acquiring over 300 channels of highly accurate suspension measurements.

Feeding in the actual forces causes flex, even in high-end racing cars, leading to dramatically different results than computer models. Our relentless development has led to powerful analysis and reporting tools, unparalleled in the industry, that provide accurate and detailed results in real time. Morse Measurements experienced staff has the expertise to quickly interpret results, identify problems, and provide customized results such as data for trackside tables or inputs for vehicle dynamics simulations.

This data is totally different from that generated on 7-post shaker rigs and the two complement each other well. While taking confidentiality very seriously, we are already helping many front-running teams, and would be pleased to help you as well.