Engineering Consulting

K&C testing is a valuable tool for improving suspension and chassis performance. However, making the most of a test session requires the skills to translate specific measurements into solutions that will produce a better car. If you are lucky enough to work for an organization with solid engineering support, then you are probably well-positioned to get the job done. If you find yourself lacking in engineering support, it may be tempting to shy away from K&C testing altogether. But K&C testing is too valuable and important to miss out on, so we are pleased to offer some help.

The engineers here at Morse Measurements are more than happy to help you plan your K&C testing and analyze your measurements. And we can also offer consulting services in support of both K&C testing and other vehicle dynamics testing and simulation. But, our staff is small and our focus is on keeping the K&C rig operating as efficiently as possible and offering engineering support to our K&C clients on test days. As such, we can take on only a limited number of consulting projects at any given time. Should you require additional engineering support related to K&C testing (or, for that matter, any vehicle dynamics work), we can either offer that service to you directly or we can recommend an expert in the field who can help.