K&C Seminars

Morse Measurements is pleased to offer our newly revamped 1-day K&C testing seminar, a great way to get a thorough understanding of K&C test data and its practical applications.  No matter what your experience level, our seminar will show you how to apply K&C data to get a better picture inside your vehicle’s suspension dynamics. We can conduct these seminars on-site at your facility or at our facility in Salisbury, NC. On-site seminars include live K&C test demonstrations to complement the material. Get a discount on the seminar when you purchase a seminar in conjunction with a K&C test! In this case, we will include your real measured test data in the seminar discussion.
Here’s an outline of what you will learn in the seminar:

  • Introduction to Kinematic and Compliance Testing.
  • How the Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine, SPMM, operates, the different test types, and how to interpret test data.
  • Introduction to tires including how they produce grip, forces and moments acting on the tire, and what information about your tires is measured on the SPMM.
  • Kinematic suspension parameters measured on the SPMM and what they mean in regards to your suspension geometry.
  • Road Vehicle Dynamics basics including simple bicycle model, oversteer/understeer definitions, and lateral weight transfer in steady-state cornering.  Furthermore, how the SPMM can apply real loading conditions, simulate steady-state cornering, and what that data reveals about the vehicle.
  • Transient considerations.
  • Vehicle modeling using K&C data.
  • How K&C Testing fits within overall vehicle and product development.