Steering Test

The vehicle chassis is held fixed by the K&C rig center table. The handwheel is steered smoothly through its full range of motion with a computercontrolled steering robot. Loads, displacements, and orientations are measured at the handwheel and at each of the steered wheels. This test may be run with no load on the road wheels, or with resistive aligning torque and/or lateral and longitudinal loads.

Here are some characteristics that are measured in a Steering Test:

  • Kingpin Offset
  • Caster Angle
  • Mechanical Trail
  • Camber Change
  • Roadwheel Steer
  • Handwheel Torque
  • Ackermann Percent
  • Kingpin Inclination Angle
  • Instantaneous Steering Ratio
  • Tire Contact Patch (TCP) Locus
  • Scrub Radius vs. Handwheel Steer
  • Friction / Hysteresis