Case Study

This is a case study of how kinematics and compliance testing can be applied to a race car. Since we’re careful to keep client information confidential, this study uses in-house engineer Mike Keena-Levin’s vehicle. The vehicle is a Honda CRX Si racing in NASA’s Honda Challenge H2 class. The specific goals will focus on this vehicle, but the fundamental concepts can be applied to any production-based race car and will illustrate how K&C testing can be used with any type of vehicle.

Goals and Objectives
The overall objective is to use kinematics and compliance data to improve the vehicle from a suspension and handling perspective. The first goal will be to see what information about the car can be learned through a baseline characterization of standard K&C tests… read more

Test Results
The results are in! Mike’s Honda CRX went on the K&C machine and the data has been processed. As with every K&C test we learned things we didn’t expect, some of which were pleasantly surprising and some that will be addressed… read more