What is K&C Testing

K&C v. Pull Down

The Anthony Best Dynamics K&C test machine at Morse Measurements is not a “Pull-Down” rig. The capabilities go far beyond simply finding vertical ride rates and travel limits. Highly accurate suspension geometry measurements are made and all appropriate tire loads are introduced while testing.

“Pull-down” rigs are great for making quick suspension checks, such as checking for interference, but beware: Ride rate measurements on a pull-down rig can easily be 10% off (or more!) because the tires are not allowed to properly float and relieve their scrub forces. Yes, tire scrub forces influence vertical suspension rates

Race cars are designed to corner, accelerate and brake as quickly as possible. So to get an accurate picture of what is really happening, you have to apply realistic cornering, tractive, and braking loads.

Consider these two simple examples illustrating the impact on:
Effect of Cornering Loads on Vertical Loading
Effect of Cornering Loads on Steer