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What is K&C Testing

Top Ten Questions that K&C Testing Answers

The usefulness of K&C data extends far beyond the world of simulation, where it is already extensively applied. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what championship winning race engineer Jeff Braun had to say:

“When you leave the Morse Measurements K&C rig you will know the answers to these and many more questions. As a race engineer, I always wanted to have these answers but always had to guess or estimate:

1.) Where are the roll centers and how do they move under realistic corner loads? Not the kinematic roll centers but the forced based roll centers. Measured values, not calculated.

2.) What is the tire spring rate and how does it change with tire pressure?

3.) What is the rate of all my anti roll bars at the wheel? Not a theoretical rate, but a measured, as installed rate.

4.) Do I have a problem with a part of the suspension or a bracket bending? Where is the bending taking place and what can I do to fix it?

5.) When you load all the suspension arms, uprights, wheel, joints and brackets where are the wheels pointed under max load?

6,) What is the anti-dive, anti-squat, and anti-lift when the car is loaded? How much effect do the adjustments have?

7.) Is there some part of this spec car that I can’t legally change that will dominate the set up choices? Is there a soft engine mounting or a weak bell housing that may make me look at the set up and adjustments differently?

8.) What is the real motion ratio and how does it change with rocker position or wheel travel?

9.) How much friction is there in the suspension and does it bind up under load?

10.) What is the steering geometry, how much Ackermann do I have, is it pro or anti?

The best thing about all this is I don’t have to wait for days and post process the data in the office for hours. I don’t have to try to measure all the pick-up points and analyze it on the computer knowing when I add in a side load and things bend, it’s all wrong. I walk out of Morse Measurements with the answers and go to the track in the morning and start to use the answers to go faster.”