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Are you a production car engineer? With today’s compressed timelines and tight budgets Morse Measurements provides fast accurate results to feed your vehicle dynamics program.

Whether you are focusing on stability, ride quality, benchmarking, validation, or vehicle dynamics simulation – comprehensive kinematics and compliance (K&C) test data is indispensable. We also offer damper characterization and suspension hard point measurements, all in one visit. Morse Measurements can provide the suspension input parameters for a wide range of simulation software. For some, such as CarSim, we have developed a fully automated import. We take pride in concise reporting that is easy to use and understand.

We really heavily on K&C data at Lucid Motors, both for simulation and testing. With a lot of the uncertainties and environmental variations of full vehicle testing taken out of the equation we can reach high levels of correlation and trust in our models, and the comparisons to our competition becomes more relevant.
With the help of the very professional and competent team at Morse Measurement we got a fast and efficient evaluation of how our prototype performs versus our predictions, and a large step closer to reaching our development targets.
Stefan Karlsson

Sr. Tech Specialist Vehicle Dynamics, Lucid Motors

At Morse Measurements you can feed the actual forces and motions experienced on-road (including steering inputs and loads) into the car on our $3 million K&C machine – an Anthony Best Dynamics SPMM 4000, the same 4 wheel station machine used by OEM automakers around the world. It is the only commercially available and independent test machine in North America that can apply cornering, braking, and tractive forces at the tire contact while acquiring over 300 channels of highly accurate suspension measurements. Our relentless development has led to powerful analysis and reporting tools, unparalleled in the industry, that provide accurate and detailed results in real time. With hundreds of vehicles under our belt, you can have confidence in our expertise, capability, and confidentiality.

The data from Morse helps to identify gaps and deficits in our multi-body vehicle simulations – allowing for better quantification of ride and handling characteristics, as well as comparing to available vehicle benchmark data from target market leaders. We’re now able to adjust our vehicle model to a more mature state that reflects the actual prototypes, and then use that model to perform more accurate simulations going forward. This is a key enabler for us to make good design decisions in a timely way and without another round of expensive prototype vehicles; it multiplies the learning from a given prototype significantly.
Rachel Abril

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Byton

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