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It is very important to Morse Measurements that customer confidentiality is maintained. We do this both by not sharing data or information, and by not revealing customer identities. However, many customers have been very pleased with the service and value they received at Morse Measurements. And as a result, those listed below have generously spoken on our behalf.


At RCR, kinematics and compliance testing is an integral part of our chassis, steering and suspension development programs. Testing at Morse Measurements’ facility has proven to give us accurate data in an efficient manner. Their competent staff is also very flexible and accommodating and will assist in the development of special test methodologies to fit a specific need. Additionally, in the incredibly competitive business of Sprint Cup racing, the high level of confidentiality, integrity and work ethic of the staff is never questioned and is greatly appreciated.

Kent A. Day, Ph.D.
Technical Director
Richard Childress Racing

I have been to Morse Measurements many times with everything from Prototypes to Production cars and I always leave with a great understanding of how my car operates on the track. No other company can provide me the detailed understanding of the dynamics of the suspension and compliance of the components like Morse Measurements can with their K&C rig.

When I go to Morse Measurements, I leave with information I can use at the track the next day. I don’t have to spend days analyzing the data and trying to figure out what it all means. I know where the roll centers are and how they move when the forces are applied in a corner. I know what my anti roll bar rates are at the wheel in the real world, not some calculated “perfect world” answer. I know if I have a suspension component or chassis bracket flexing too much. I have tire spring rates at various pressures in my hand. I know where the tires are really pointed in the center of a turn when all the loads are on the car, not where the geometry software says they “should” be pointed. These are just some of the things I have when I leave Morse Measurements. With this knowledge in hand, I know what areas I need to improve on the car. If it’s a spec car where the rules limit changes to the car, I can make set up changes to compensate for the problem areas.

I would never engineer a new car without taking it to Morse Measurements first. What I learn in one or two days there would take all season to learn on the track. When it gets right down to it a race engineer is guessing on what to change to make the car faster. The way Morse Measurements presents the data from their K&C rig gives me data I can use and understand in a format any racing mechanic or engineer is used to looking at. With this data, there are fewer things I have to guess about. And for cases where I do have to guess, I’m now making an educated guess.

I really don’t want the competition to know about Morse Measurements and what they do and how well they do it because I have been getting an advantage for years by going there. But they are such good guys and do such good work its time for the rest of the world to benefit from what they do.

Jeff Braun
Race Engineer
Transact Race Engineering Inc.
1995 – IMSA Champ
2002 Grand Am Champ
2006 Grand Am Champ
2010 ALMS Champ

Over the years, Multimatic has K&C-tested everything from top-level GT and Prototype-class race cars, to prototype and production road cars at Morse Measurements. We appreciate their confidential and professional service and accurate data, which helps our engineers to understand exactly how the vehicle suspension reacts to real-world loading. K&C testing with Morse Measurements has proven invaluable in our development of superior road cars, suspension components, and championship winning race cars.

Hao Wang
Assistant General Manager
Multimatic Inc.
Ontario, Canada

There are several critical tools to develop and improve racecar performance. These include shaker rigs, wind tunnels, and kinematics & compliance (K&C) testing. Everyone needs K&C testing in their vehicle development program to either verify suspension information from the factory or assure quality in setup specifications. It is difficult, time consuming, expensive, and error prone to make K&C measurements on your own.

Morse Measurements provides cost effective, one stop shopping for a comprehensive K&C test session in less than a day. In a short time, you get all of the suspension kinematics as well as stiffness under load. K&C testing at Morse Measurements allows you to apply realistic combined loading which provides insight into what is really happening when on track.

The Morse Measurements support staff is responsive and helpful. At the end of the day I walk out knowing several key balance conditions – i.e. the rear has an oversteer tendency under vertical loading. Once back at the office, Morse Measurements has provided the tools to look further into the issue and attempt to resolve it plus understand any secondary parameters or conditions.

Joe La Joie
Race & Development Engineer
Vehicle Dynamics Performance, Inc.
2009 24 Hours of Daytona Champion
2010 24 Hours of Daytona Champion
2011 Rolex GT Champion

I have found the day we spent with Morse Measurements extremely useful in improving our ability to prioritize; we’ve been able to use the data to highlight areas of large gains vs. things we thought might have been important.

Annonymous Race Engineer