CMM Measurement

We can measure XYZ coordinates of suspension pick-up points, chassis, and body reference locations for complete vehicles and/or vehicle sub-assemblies. This information is invaluable for vehicle build quality assessments and computer modeling / vehicle simulation work. The in-house FARO Platinum Arm is also available for use as an add-on to a K&C test, where it can quickly and easily measure deflection of components under realistic loading conditions.

Our K&C rig provides a unique (and ideal) reference for vehicle CMM (coordinate Leo CMM DPmeasurement) work. The center portion of the rig is a precision ground-plane surface plate that just happens to be five feet in the air. The rig provides excellent accessibility to key measurement locations (like suspension pick-up point geometry), and the staff at Morse Measurements is vehicle-minded. We can boil down complex CMM measurements into useful results for vehicle design validation and computer modeling.

Coordinate measurements are made using an in-house FARO Platinum arm. Complete vehicle suspension pick-up point geometry can typically be measured in one day. You are provided with the XYZ coordinates in the reference frame of your choice in an easy to read and understand spreadsheet. In addition, you are provided with the raw data files and constructions if more detailed information is required. Upon request, IGS files can be delivered as well.

The advantages of making CMM measurements at the Morse Measurements facility are two-fold:

  1. Accuracy: Our K&C rig provides precision vehicle alignment to a known ground plane reference, which ensures correct geometry measurements. Plus the vehicle is extremely accessible, so it is not necessary to remove bodywork, etc. to access key measurement locations. When we’re doing CMM measurements, we think of our K&C rig as a surface plate that is conveniently located five feet in the air.
  2. Quality: Morse Measurements has experience with vehicle modeling, so we know what we’re trying to measure. We make sure that all CMM information is boiled down to the essentials, so you have the information you need with a minimum of fuss. For example, we find accurate ball joint centers, and reference axes that make sense to vehicle engineers. In addition, CMM measurements are a great compliment to K&C testing.