Simulation Support

One important application of K&C testing is vehicle dynamics simulation. Morse Measurements is prepared to help you get the K&C data you need for your simulation and we can offer help in getting the information into the simulation environment quickly and accurately. We have worked with a number of customers in the past on custom simulation support projects and are pleased to offer support for users of CarSim.

For CarSim users, Morse Measurements can provide an expanded pars file, ready for direct import into CarSim 9, that contains all of the K&C measured parameters needed to run CarSim. This is a huge time saver, taking something that would literally take weeks by hand and completing it in a matter of minutes. Just import the expanded pars file from Morse Measurements, and all relevant K&C data is in your model and ready to run!

For example, here is a camber curve measured on the rig and the same information imported into the CarSim environment:

Bump Camber Data from K&C test

Bump Camber Data in CarSim

Many K&C measured parameters are included in the CarSim model, such as anti-roll bar stiffness contribution and steer compliance.

Steer Compliance from K&C test

Anti-Roll Bar Contribution from K&C test

The K&C measured parameters along with other vehicle information including the drivetrain, tire, and aerodynamic properties allow CarSim to simulate dynamic events.

For other simulation packages, Morse Measurements is ready to work with you to get the K&C data you need into the simulation efficiently.