K&C Testing Tips

How K&C Data Helps Racers in Spec Classes

Race engineers in spec racing classes, or in classes where the car is homologated, often don’t see the benefit of K&C testing. The typical thought process is that they can’t make changes to the car and therefore this information is of little value to them. We can tell you from experience that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the more constrained you are by the rules, the more important this data will be. Consider, even though rules might prevent you from changing things like pick-up point locations, there are still changes you can make. What about ride height? How does that impact roll center heights front and rear? How does it impact anti-dive and anti-squat? How much Ackerman do you have and is it pro or anti? What about steer compliance and camber compliance? Is one end of the car significantly weaker than the other? Are there specific problem areas in the suspension? While you may not be able to solve these problems completely within the constraints of the rules, knowing about them will allow you to more effectively tune around them and understand what you are doing and why. And this knowledge will give you the upper hand over your competitors who would rather remain in the dark relative to what their suspension is really doing.

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